The Adventures of Mr Bear


Many years ago I created Mr. Bear from a few pom poms, hot glue and felt. Little did I know that this small act of creation would start an epic adventure spanning just on 20 years.

When Mr. Bear was 9 he faced the life threatening condition of being put through the wash and being mistaken for a piece of fluff, which resulted in his disposal on bin night.
Thankfully Mr Bear was painstakingly located in the trash by my father only minutes before the garbage collectors arrived.

Some say that a brush with death at a young age creates an adventurous spirit and Mr. Bear was no exception to this rule.

In 2004 he starred in his first feature film ‘Mr. Bear Goes to Washington’, a remake of the similarly titled Frank Capra classic. Directed by myself in my bedroom and co-starring a collection of Elvis Presley collector dolls, the film was a smash hit. My mum called it “Not the worst use of your time” (the only known copy, on a VHS with Dad’s impersonation of Napoleon, is lost in my parent’s bungalow). Much like the young River Pheonix, Mr. Bear became obsessed and his artistic process drove him over the edge into obsession for the American capital.

Bored of the film industry and his new found fame, Mr. Bear returned to university and studied international relations, in hope of one day turning his famous role into reality.

Late 2013 Mr. Bear’s dream came true and with his long term business partner (myself) he flew to Washington D.C.

What follows are a collection of snapshots. Please take a moment to indulge in the joy of this little bear’s big spirit and his life ambition coming true.


Mr. Bear bought his Metro card. By buying the Smart Trip pass, he saved a few dollars over the week in transport costs. Ever thrifty is Mr. Bear.


Mr. Bear’s first Metro ride. Though you can’t see it, he is crying a single tear. He is about to see his hero, President Lincoln.


President Lincoln looked down on Mr. Bear and it brought him such joy to see the smallest of his fans.


By the Capitol Dome, Mr. Bear does his best Nixon impersonation.


To the Air and Space museum! It is little known that Mr. Bear has a girlfriend, Amelia Earhart, who lives in this museum. They have been dating online for two years and he is about to see her for the first time.


Amelia is playing it cool, but Mr. Bear’s heart is exploding with joy.


Mr. Bear couldn’t help but chuckle when we found Dupont circle. He has seen ‘The American President’ at least 10 times and always enjoys witty traffic related banter.


Mr. Bear and I pretending to be Jeff Goldblum from ‘Independence Day’ outside the White House. Mr. Bear is always thankful to Jeff for his efforts to save the president


Poor Mr. Bear didn’t realise that President Washington no longer resides at Mt. Vernon.


At least he got to see Washington’s dentures. That’s almost the same as having a conversation.


And just like that, Mr. Bear’s trip of a lifetime had come to a close.

Currently, Mr. Bear is in hibernation, seeping in a rolled up tissue on the window sill. His dream had come true, now it is time to sleep and make more.
Goodnight Mr. Bear, I’ll see you when you wake up for more adventures.

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